What's Your Aha Moment?


Aha Moments

We've all experienced them, those times when the foggy comes into focus. When distractions vanish and you see the world from a new angle. When the game slows down so you can better compete.

Sometimes it's a simple phrase. Sometimes it's an, "I wish I thought of that," moment.

In more than two decades, I've traveled some interesting roads. I've lived the Mad Men lifestyle; been laid off three times in two states; and crafted marketing for packaged goods, business-to-business, theme parks ... you name it. I've finally landed firmly in the banking world.

This book is a collection of short articles that I've written over the past five years or so. Each is written with a community bank or credit union manager in mind.

My hope is that you'll experience at least one "aha moment" in these pages.

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Here's what this collection includes:


What you need to know to build and maintain your brand.

learning from others

What can we learn from our competition?

Strategic planning

The science behind the art of financial marketing.

the customer experience

Learn to look at things through your customer's eyes.

life stages

We all go through them. Learn to market with them!

and more...

There are so many more marketing nuggets than I can list!